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God has used our call to missions, our passion for orphans, and our personal adoption experiences and led us to establish Little Fish Ministries, a ministry seeking to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and SPIRITUAL needs of South Africa’s orphans.

The G-O-S-P-E-L is the very heartbeat of our ministry. (Mt. 28:19,20) Based on our experience with our own girls, we have found the following to be true:

You cannot teach God’s LOVE to a child who has never experienced human love.

They simply cannot comprehend unconditional loveOur ministry will not be one of simply handing out tracts to children on the street or holding Vacation Bible School in the townships, hoping to reach orphans with the gospel.

Instead, our ministry will be a hands-on, full-time, all-encompassing effort to meet ALL the needs of the orphans.


Our plan is to move to South Africa, learn the Xhosa language, acquire an appropriate property, and work within the red tape of the government to be able to accept orphaned children into our home.

We will utilize our intense orphan training and resources to nurture, feed, clothe, educate, and parent the orphans in a loving Christian family environment.

Working closely with veteran church planting missionaries in the area, we will not only share the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ with the children on a daily basis, but also bring them up in a local church environment.

Should our ministry outgrow our personal ability to run efficiently (and we pray this is the case!), we will take on additional staff members, through the following ways:

  1. Volunteer or paid staff from the local Baptist churches.
  2. Foster families, also from local Baptist churches.
  3. Missionary families who are called to move to SA and partner with our ministry.
  4. Single men and women (college students, nurses, teachers, etc) who wish to commit to an orphan ministry internship OR minister alongside us long-term.

2young child

Below you will find our detailed three-step plan for Little Fish Ministries:

  • Stage One 

    • Learn local Xhosa language
    • Train under veteran missionaries for cultural and relational needs of the people
    • Work with government officials
    • Acquire appropriate facilities
    • Train national Christians for staffing needs
    • Provide food, clothing, medical care, family integration, and Biblical teaching to orphans
  • Stage Two

    • Soul-winning, one-on-one nurture and discipleship for orphans
    • School for orphans
    • Local church sponsorship of individual orphans
    • Become a training ground for other like-minded orphan ministries to be created
    • Short and long term mission trips for those interested in serving
    • Grow staff and facilities as needed
  • Stage Three

    • Integrate orphans into local Christian foster homes when possible
    • Train orphans to be involved in local church ministries
    • Maintain an internship program for Christian college students to minister with the orphans
    • Bible college for orphans
    • Become a training ground for future orphan ministries

Please pray for LFM and the Bergey family and consider donating to their financial needs.


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