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It may sound cliche’, but our greatest need is PRAYER. Will you partner with us and pray for us while we are on deputation? Here are a few specific requests:

–Meetings with churches. Please pray for Brent as he contacts churches and fills up our schedule with meetings.


–Safety while traveling. We have been in over 12 states and have put over 70,000 miles on our van in the first 18 months of deputation! Please pray for our safety on the road.


Financial needs. We stepped out by faith into full-time ministry with less than $200 of monthly support. GOD has been SO good to provide for ALL of our needs through the generosity of Christians and churches! See “Donate” for more information on how YOU can help support our ministry!

Strength for our entire family. We have experienced  many changes for our family during this time and our desire is that it draws us CLOSER together and strengthens our faith.

–Patience while traveling. Deputation is a time of intense traveling and public ministry. We need patience as we parent and homeschool on the road and help our children adjust to a very flexible, at-times-exhausting schedule. 🙂


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