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Two months ago, we got an unexpected call for abandoned 12 month old twin boys. Of course, we said YES! Just a few hours later, we picked them up from the social development office. They were malnourished, swollen, and shut down. They were SO weak that one twin couldn’t even hold his own bottle. Neither twin could crawl, scoot, or pull themselves up. The social worker shared that she found them on a dirt floor, hungry and covered in flies.

It’s been a daily delight watching these little ones grow and change. They’ve grown so strong and healthy and are mobile and active boys now. They laugh and play, eat well, sleep well, and are more than precious. Love, family, nurture, a stimulating environment, and nutritious food are instrumental for young children’s brain development. These twins have worked their way into all of our hearts for sure.

We have our second court date tomorrow. The social worker has mentioned a distant family member of the twins may be interested in raising them. It seems unlikely they will go back to either birth parent, however. We want the absolute BEST for these boys, so join us in praying for God’s perfect will. Our hearts would love for them to stay, as we have watched their transformation and certainly don’t ever want them to suffer hunger, malnutrition, or neglect again, but we don’t have the final say in their situation.

Pray for “K”and “K”, that God would move His will and way in their situation, and that we would love them well for as long as HE allows. Pray for their hearts if they are removed–and ours as well.

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