Meet the Family

We are the Bergey family, affectionately known as the Bergey Bunch, missionaries to South Africa’s orphans.

Selina’s personal blog, Perspectives in Parenting,chronicles our family’s journey to adoption and orphan care, contains tons of family pictures and posts, and offers an encouraging resource to Christian mothers seeking to raise their children with grace.

Below you can find some fun things about our family: our personalities, our birthdays, and our ages (well, SOME of our ages). 🙂


Brent and Selina

 Brent: 7-25

Outgoing, fun loving, and focused on God, his family, and ministry.  Passionate about rescuing orphans from their spiritual and physical plight. Favorite pastime: spending time with my family.  Favorite sports team: University of Michigan football and basketball.  Best personal advice, “Don’t let fear rob you of doing something you know you should do.” Favorite verse: Ps 119:10.

Selina: 10-17

Organized, musical, a teacher. Lover of soft florals, lace, and anything PINK. Passionate about godly parenting and orphan ministry. Heroes of the Faith: Amy Carmichael, Elisabeth Elliot, Gladys Aylward, Darlene Diebler Rose. Favorite word: Mommy. Favorite food: dark chocolate. Favorite season: spring. For fun: thrift store shopping, piano practicing, biography reading, and snuggling with Brent.


Johanna: 7-22-1997

Adopted at 14 years. Sparkling, playful, loyal, and self-less. Loves word searches, puzzles, any kind of craft, and bike riding. Now that she’s worked so hard on learning English, she can often be found curled up in a good book. Lover of spicy food, late night girl chats, and bean bags.


Eliana: 2-13-2002

Sweet, quiet, musically gifted. A leader, hardworking, gentle. Loves all animals, especially dogs. Enjoys reading, writing pen-pals, riding bikes, and all things girly. Loves strawberry ice cream. Wants to be a missionary/veterinarian/wife/mother/violin teacher someday.


Nathaniel: 11-2-2004

Firstborn son, risk-taker, people person. Loves climbing, jumping, and building. Favorite food: steak, even though he’s only had it a few times. Prefers the great outdoors to schoolwork. Hero: Nate Saint. Rough and tumble—yet sensitive and thoughtful. Plans for the future: Aviation Missionary. Hope for today: that Mommy will finally let him start a fire in the backyard.


Noah: 12-19-2006

Bookworm, peacemaker, middle child. Content to play alone, if necessary. Loves trains, legos, nature books, granola bars, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Runs fast, talks slow, persistent and cuddly. Hope for today: that Mommy will fix peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

Ethan: 4-9-2009

Busy, a leader, rambunctious, all BOY. Lover of music and all toys that take batteries. Prefers Mommy’s lap and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Hope for today: that he can get his own cell-phone (the ultimate toy with batteries!).


Gabriella: 9-10-2009

Preemie, adopted at 15 months. Petite, determined, bright, and spunky. Loves sticker books, purses, and puzzles. Nicknamed “pickle”. Favorite foods: yogurt and macaroni and cheese. Has a smile and a giggle that can light up a room. Helper around the house, light sleeper, Eliana’s “buddy”.


Alyssia: 9-25-2009

Adopted at 23 months. Loveable, helpful, sweet. Has an incredible memory. Prefers vegetables, especially onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and lettuce. Loves to wear sunglasses. Girly-girl who likes new shoes and clothes–but plays football and baseball with her brothers. Johanna’s “buddy”.


Andrew: 2-10-2011

Adopted from a disruption (he’s originally from China). Outgoing, thoughtful, and endearing. Loves riding his bike, snack time, and his “big boy belt”. Hard working and bright. Current favorite movie: Thomas the Train.


Titus: 8-17-2014

Our little miracle baby. Born on deputation and brought home to our travel trailer. Positively adorable. Loves to snuggle. Sweet blessing.

 *The Little Fish Ministries site and blog exist to primarily share information regarding missions, our orphan ministry, and South Africa. Visit Perspectives in Parenting to read more about all things adoption, large family living, grace-filled parenting, and various personal updates on our family.


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