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Question: What is “deputation”?

Answer: Deputation is our “pre-field” time of ministry. We call churches across the USA and ask to present our ministry. Each week, we are in new churches, sharing our call to missions and our burden for Little Fish Ministries, ministering as needed through music, teaching, preaching, and children’s ministries. Some churches are able to commit to partnering with us and supporting our ministry monthly. Once we have enough monthly support coming in, we can leave for South Africa!

Question: Your family is “larger” than most—wouldn’t that be a hindrance in an orphan ministry?

Answer: Our children have been our greatest training ground for orphan ministry. Since three of our children are adopted, we have spent hundreds of hours training for orphan care. Best of all, our children share our calling to meet the needs of the fatherless, and they will be a vital part of our ministry in South Africa. Yes, some of them are very young, but they will grow and mature, and as they do, we will help them learn the value of serving in ministry. This is not “Brent and Selina’s” ministry—this is the “Bergey Family” ministry. As a family, we are committed to serving God and the orphans He entrusts to our care.

Question: With SO many orphans in so many countries, why South Africa?

Answer: The short answer: GOD. 🙂 The longer answer is that when we knew God had called us to an orphan ministry, we prayed fervently for country direction. We considered MANY countries with a large orphan population and huge need. Each time, our hearts went back to SA. God’s will was made even more clear when we began communicating with several other MWBM missionaries to South Africa. Knowing we needed to partner with church planting missionaries (not only to have a church body to worship with, but also to raise the orphans in a local church community), we were thrilled to find our hearts and ministries were united. This was the final direction we needed! There are an estimated 3 to 4 MILLION orphans in South Africa, with the number expected to rise to 5 million by 2015. That’s MILLION, folks. The numbers are indeed staggering BUT we know the beauty of changing one life at a time.






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